Passing the Flame is a Heritage Lottery funded project, delivered by London Stadium Learning in collaboration with the University of East London, East Side Community Heritage, the National Paralympic Heritage Trust and Sporting Heritage.

2012 Olympic Stadium
Passing the Flame

Bringing to life the memories and experiences of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


2012 London Olympic Stadium


The lighting of the Olympic flame ceremony at Olympia

1-Five Rings above the stadium

London 2012 Opening Ceremony

3d Model of Robbie Barratt's Track Shoe

Paralympian Robbie Barratt was suspended on wires high above the crowd at the Paralympic opening ceremony in 2012

3d Model of Robbie's track shoe
Field trips to the BOA Olympic Archive

London 2012 Opening Ceremony


Athlete Interviews

The Olympic Cauldron - London 2012
1-the flame diesw as the phoeniix appears

London 2012 Closing Ceremony - As the Olympic cauldron dies down a phoenix rises above the flames

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Exploring the themes of ‘health & well-being’, ‘participation’ and ‘legacy’, Newham residents attended a variety of free activities, including interviews with GB Athletes, Olympians & Paralympians.

Alongside capturing their inspiring stories audibly and visually, participants learnt how to preserve athletes’ fascinating memorabilia digitally using photography and photogrammetry techniques.

The resulting recordings and images have brought to life the athletes’ experiences and memories. Shared through a touring exhibition, lectures and free on-line educational resources the legacy of our sporting heroes can be enjoyed and be aspirational for all.

“Passed from hand to hand, the Olympic flame has become one of the great symbols of sport. The relay from the ruins at Olympia in Greece forges a powerful bond with the Ancient Olympic Games…”

Philip Barker – 25 years Olympic and Paralympic Television Journalist